June 2, 2023


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3 reasons why investors should warm up to technology stocks after their months long sell-off, according to Fundstrat


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  • Investors must get know-how stocks just after their months long sell-off entered bear industry territory, in accordance to Fundstrat.

  • “Buyers deem Know-how ‘done’ but we assume Technology desire will accelerate [over the] up coming handful of several years.”

  • These are the a few factors why Fundstrat’s Tom Lee thinks buyers must purchase technological know-how shares.

Engineering stocks went from most liked in years of the COVID-19 pandemic to now the most greatly sold, centered on the fundamental sector efficiency of the stock current market.

The Nasdaq 100 fell into a bear industry in 2022, dropping about 30% from its file high, which is a larger sized decrease than the index skilled in March 2020. A mix of lofty valuations, a pull forward in need, and increasing fascination charges assisted gas the months-lengthy decrease in the sector, amongst other variables.

But investors need to consider gain of the decline and get started buying the tech sector, in accordance to a Monday observe from Fundstrat’s Tom Lee. “Traders deem Technology ‘done’ but we consider Engineering desire will accelerate [over the] next couple of several years,” Lee said.

Lee provided 3 massive reasons why it still will make sense to have the tech sector for the very long-term, even as much more standard economic climate sectors like electricity carry on to soar.

1. “Technologies demand will accelerate as organizations look for to offset labor lack.” 

“World-wide labor offer is shrinking vs . desire. Our 2017 analysis displays the planet is coming into a time period of labor scarcity. Expansion fee of employees age 16-64 is trailing total population growth, commencing in 2018. This reverses employee surplus in put given that 1973,” Lee defined.

The worldwide labor lack is a long-term possibility for technologies and automation to step up and fill the gap, in accordance to Lee.

“2022 is accelerating the use circumstance and ROI for automation. If minimal wages are climbing, [and] corporations are elevating starting salaries, this raises the ROI and justification for labor substitution by way of automation. This is an clear demand accelerator for Know-how — aka $QQQ Nasdaq 100,” Lee mentioned.

tech stocks/labor shortage


2. “Engineering valuations are reduced than the 2003 trough.” 

The Nasdaq’s value-to-earnings ratio now is lower now than it was at the depths of its dot-com unwind, when the Nasdaq 100 declined by virtually 80% from its 2000 peak, in accordance to Lee. “Nasdaq 100 is less expensive now than at the absolute 70-year reduced of 2003. Yup, marketplaces crashed worse than dot-com,” Lee mentioned.

“If something, this must affirm why the threat/reward in FAANG is eye-catching. Even anecdotally, the undesirable information would seem priced in,” Lee reported.

3. “Technological know-how has led off each individual important bottom.” 

“What outperformed following dot-com crash? Technology stocks… yup. The desire tale for Technologies is probable established to accelerate in next couple of years, and every key current market base sees Nasdaq bottom 4-6 months ahead,” Lee stated.

Following the both equally dot-com bubble burst and the Wonderful Fiscal Crisis, the Nasdaq outperformed other indices in excess of the subsequent five many years, according to Lee. “This chart says it all… we feel FAANG direct put up expansion scare,” Lee concluded.

Nasdaq bottoms


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