June 17, 2024


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5 Facilities You Must Enjoy While Staying at A Hotel

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Getting a hotel according to your budget, of course, has become mandatory that you must know. So that the traveling activities carried out can be more comfortable and safe because we get a proper resting place. Especially if you stay at the best hotels in Singapore with complete facilities.

With enough rest time and a comfortable place, our traveling activities will be more enjoyable. Because we are really fresh to continue our activities to visit other tourist objects that we haven’t had time to visit the previous day. When resting at a hotel or inn is the right time for us to pamper ourselves a little.

There are several facilities that we can use for free when staying at a hotel or other types of stay accommodation. This facility is completely free and is intended for hotel visitors, so it is a loss if we don’t use it. These are some of the facilities that we can enjoy free of charge.

  1. Using Toiletries

When traveling, equipment that is often forgotten is toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and others. But don’t worry, because if you stay at a hotel, toiletries that you forgot to bring in your traveling bag will be provided for free at the hotel where you stay. 

It is the hotel’s obligation to provide these toiletries, because of course not all guests have preparations when deciding to stay at the hotel. And even more fun, you can ask for additional toiletries if you really need them, so take advantage of it because it is your right to be able to use it.

  1. Free Mineral Water

All hotels that are your choice to stay in during your traveling time, whether luxury hotels or economy class hotels, of course, always provide mineral water in their hotel rooms, and you can enjoy all of that for free. 

On the mineral bottles in the hotel room, it is usually written: “Complimentary Bottle Water” which can be interpreted as a free bottle of water that is of course intended for guests staying in the hotel room.

If you stay at the hotel for more than a day, it could be that the hotel staff forgot to give you a new bottle of mineral water, for this incident, don’t hesitate to ask the hotel staff for a new bottle of mineral water, because this is the right of the hotel guest. Enjoy this free facility even if it’s only a bottle of mineral water.

  1. Free Breakfast

For fellow travelers who are used to traveling and using hotels as a means of support, of course, there are free breakfast facilities at the hotels that we make as a place to stay. But there are times when we book a hotel without free breakfast facilities, this also needs to be remembered, don’t let this become a problem for us while staying.

If we use a hotel voucher or stay at a hotel with free breakfast facilities, the best and most convenient tip so that we can enjoy breakfast is to wake up as early as possible so that we can still enjoy the atmosphere of the hotel that is not crowded and of course, the food menu is still complete and warm. Try and prove it!

  1. Getting Media Information

The last facility or thing that we can enjoy for free when we stay at a hotel is to get information facilities in the form of magazines, or newspapers which are usually placed near the receptionist or near the elevator, and we can ask the hotel clerk directly so that we can also continue to do so. Keep up with the latest information even though we are traveling and are far out of town.

Sometimes the hotel clerk also puts a newspaper in front of your room, it’s okay not to leave the room to get reading material during our stay. So take advantage of this, because it’s free and given for free.

Traveling is a fun activity to do. Wherever you travel and stay, both luxury hotels and economy hotels, try to make good use of your rest time, and enjoy all the facilities that have been provided. You don’t need to hesitate to book a hotel on Traveloka because there are many hotel options that you can book. Traveloka also provides the best prices and attractive promos for you every day.

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