June 18, 2024


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Auckland’s iconic ‘creepy’ Santa travels across NZ to retirement in Wanaka

a truck that is driving down the street: Watch: The 'creepy' Santa is being transported in pieces down the country.

© Newshub
Enjoy: The ‘creepy’ Santa is remaining transported in items down the state.

Auckland’s iconic Santa has been spotted travelling as a result of Taupō as he is transported in “bits” down to Wanaka to commence retirement at the Transportation and Toy Museum.

Museum proprietor Jason Rhodes says the Santa is “thanks to capture the ferry later today” and will arrive in Wanaka by the weekend.

Motorists and truckies have noticed the large Santa passing by way of the outskirts of Hamilton and Taupō pursuing its departure from Auckland at 3am Wednesday.

His previous operator, Coronary heart of the Metropolis, confirmed to Newshub it was costing “around $200,000 a year to maintain and insure Santa” who was an integral section of Auckland’s Christmas scene for six many years.

Auckland’s legendary ‘creepy’ Santa travels throughout NZ to retirement in Wanaka


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“He required some TLC so that’s why he has retired.”

Initially mounted in 1960 on the Farmers constructing on Hobson St the 19-metre statue polarised Aucklanders.

a car parked on the side of a road

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In 2011 he was named as the world’s most unintentionally creepy Xmas decoration by Cracked.com. 

An attempt to retire him in 2014 was fulfilled with backlash by the general public and a range of corporations banded jointly to continue to keep him likely.