September 29, 2023


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Busy 4th of July travel weekend kicks off with hundreds of delayed flights in Orlando


There have been hundreds of delayed flights at Orlando International Airport to kick off the active Fourth of July journey weekend.

As of Friday night, there have been all-around 350 delayed flights at Orlando Worldwide Airport. The Better Orlando Aviation Authority states most of the delays have been owing to lightning and weather, but other factors can component in like mechanical concerns, crew rotations, and unruly passengers.

Some persons determined to guide their flights residence from Orlando earlier figuring out there could be probable for delays and cancelations.

“We basically determined to fly back again earlier to stay clear of the hurry and delays,” one passenger mentioned.

Jenn Lee with Journey Planners International states staffing shortages are a huge element of the issue. She explained when the pandemic strike, airport employees, Transportation Protection Administration staff, airline workers, and pilots have been laid off, and it’s been hard to get people today back again. And in Central Florida, the climate can make it worse.

“It is a actual issue,” reported Lee. “And you merge it with the rain and temperature, and it places anyone behind.”

Lee claims people have been available wherever from hundreds to thousands of bucks to change their flights on overbooked planes. 

“We have listened to mad [stories] $1,000, $10,000, to just get off the aircraft to just volunteer to try to get extra individuals, house or to their destinations,” stated Lee. “It would not surprise me if you read of folks booking flights in hopes that they’d get bumped off and get some funds. And it’s hugely possible. It’s our Fourth of July weekend, and it is likely to be really fast paced out there.”

Lee is recommending reserving your flight two days prior to your impending celebration, like a marriage ceremony or cruise, if you can, since there is a high probability you can expect to face delays.

“Our vacation advisors are telling individuals to reserve two days prior to what they imagine they could want. And to be ready to be delayed a complete day afterward,” claimed Lee. 


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