June 9, 2023


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Royal Photographer Tim Rooke on What It’s Really Like to Travel With Kate Middleton and Prince William


According to Rooke, the Caribbean tour wasn’t as tense on the floor as it could have seemed in the headlines, and Kate and William did get a positive reaction, especially as they traveled in Jamaica. He discussed the story behind 1 of the additional notorious pictures from the excursion, which confirmed the few achieving as a result of a chain connection fence to touch the fingers of Jamaicans on the other aspect.

“I took some shots when they went to a soccer match, and there was a football player called Raheem Sterling who was there,” Rooke reported. “He came out prior to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and went in excess of to greet some of the group. It is a football pitch, so it has a fence by it to keep the ball in—it’s not to hold the persons out. So before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went over, Raheem Sterling experienced been more than and he was shaking people’s arms via the fence at the end. So we ended up strolling from the football pitch to Bob Marley’s residence.”

He understands why that photograph may well have seemed “wrong,” but emphasized that the ambiance all-around Kate and William was good throughout that minute and after. “We received out into the street as we walked to Bob Marley’s household. The community were just all in excess of them, and I was ideal in the center with Prince William. He was leaning in excess of with folks thrusting their arms out to shake his hand.”

Rooke reported in spite of the troubles of the position, he was satisfied to have had a career so diverse from his grandfather, who was a miner in Canada. “The monarchy will with any luck , have on, and not just for selfish causes,” he joked. yeah. I likely got 15 [working] a long time remaining, so I’m confident it will last for a longer time than that.”

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