The Good, The Bad And The (Covid) Ugly

[ad_1] A black cloud of smoke rises from the fire nearing the Arcachon basin in southwest France, in July … [+] 2022. AFP via Getty Images So you’ve waited two years to travel, heard the rumours of travel chaos but have booked anyway? The good news is that people are […]

A New Time-Travel App, Reviewed

[ad_1] “Car après la mort le Temps se retire du corps … ” —Proust We all know by now that the time-reversal invariance governing statistical mechanics at the microlevel maps by a simple equation onto the macroworld, making “time travel” a wholly unsurprising possibility … but damn! The first time […]

Why companies think paying for abortion travel is worth it

[ad_1] The nation’s largest companies are pledging to address employees’ travel charges to access abortion products and services, selecting an supplemental advantage for workers in a tight labor industry outweighs the menace of authorized action from states that have criminalized abortion.  Walt Disney, Comcast, PayPal, Nike and other big employers […]

California budget will not include funds to help abortion-seekers travel from other states

[ad_1] SACRAMENTO – While Gov. Gavin Newsom has pledged to make California a sanctuary for women seeking abortions, his administration won’t spend public money to help people from other states travel to California for the procedure. Newsom’s decision, included in a budget agreement reached over the weekend, surprised abortion advocates […]

Former Gov. Bill Richardson expected to travel to Moscow to work on securing the release of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan

[ad_1] The prepared trip to Moscow by the former New Mexico governor and diplomat, who privately is effective on behalf of households of hostages and detainees, arrives amid US federal government endeavours to get the two People unveiled and as force mounts to provide them property immediately. Both of those […]

JetBlue-Spirit merger ‘would raise prices’

[ad_1] Spirit Airlines shareholders are set to vote tomorrow on no matter whether or not to approve a proposed merger with ultra-small-value competitor Frontier. Barry Biffle, Frontier’s CEO, sat down with United states of america Currently on Wednesday to chat about the merger’s prospective buyers and the difficulties plaguing the […]