April 20, 2024


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Town of Hunter Tidbits: Fourth of July on the Mountain Top | Columnists


HAINES FALLS β€” Elaborate Fourth of July Celebration on the Mountain Top rated, from the July 5, 1908 Brooklyn Eagle.

July 4 – β€œThe most elaborate celebration of July 4 at any time arranged in Haines Falls is getting area these days. Not only have the NATIVES taken an interest in it, but the summertime citizens as well. The Hensonville Band (a significant, active band at that time) is furnishing the new music, and this morning the most significant procession at any time shaped passed as a result of Sunset, Santa Cruz, and Twilight Parks. Stops have been manufactured at the Twilight Inn, Sunset Inn, Santa Cruz Lodge, and the cottages of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Olcott and Matthew Dean, at every put listening to an tackle.” (Tidbit-Santa Cruz Park later merged with Twilight, and Sunset continues to be the wonderful, silent location it is normally been.)

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