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Baby Yoda travels to space with the crew of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon

The live broadcast of the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch this November 15, bound for the International Space Station (ISS) is always an event. It generates a lot of emotion and expectation of what will happen, of course this time was no exception, mainly because there were five and not four crew members who were seen.

Astronauts Shannon Walker, Victor Glover, Michael Hopkins and Jaxa specialist Soichi Noguchi from Japan had a very special companion: ‘Baby Yoda’ . The popular character from the series ” The Mandalorian” , could be seen in the form of a stuffed animal in the video of the ship.

Bringing toys on board has become a tradition for every Elon Musk SpaceX trip. Last May, when the first manned trip was made by a private company, NASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken, transported a small colored dinosaur which they called ‘Tremor’, chosen by their children. In addition, in 2019, when the Crew Dragon test trip was made, there was a doll in the shape of Planet Earth named ‘Buddy’ on the ship.

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The dolls are an indicator of zero gravity to corroborate that the Earth has been left, but in addition to their function, they steal hearts, laughter and expressions of astonishment.

An example of this is that every toy that goes out into space is sold out in a few hours after launch. For what we hope, the same thing happened with the little ‘Baby Yoda’, an already popular character.

May the force be with the Crew Dragon astronauts!

Baby Yoda viaja al espacio junto con la tripulación de la Crew Dragon de SpaceX
Baby Yoda travels to space with the crew of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon
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