June 18, 2024


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Best Summer Resorts in Bugaria

Sunny Beach is the biggest and most prominent beach resort in Bulgaria. It is a Blue Flag winning resort, situated in a beautiful and naturally clean bay on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, near the town of Nesebar, St. Vlas resort and the Varna airport (30 km). Sunny Beach is arranged along the most extensive shoreline strip. With its many bars and clubs, various excitement and shops and its created base, the resort pulls in a large number of sightseers from around the globe. The tourist season in Sunny Beach starts from May and continues all the way through October. Cacao beach is the best clubbing part of the resort and the most prominent clubs are situated there. Most of the tourists usually circle around the center, as there are lots of other clubs there and during the summer peaks the most spoken language there is English due to the large number of English tourists visiting the place. Tons of hotels are situated in Sunny Beach in order to accommodate the enormous influx of people during the peak periods. There is a waterpark just outside the resort that is considered one of the best in Bulgaria.

If you are looking for something more relaxing with beach bars, chill spots and calm atmosphere I would strongly recommend Sozopol. It’s beautiful old town takes you back in time. With it’s timeless constructions, only topped by the wall at the end of the Old Town, bring a sensational feeling of an aged seaside resort calming the senses. The fresh fish “kapani” are delightful eateries that serve only fresh fish and sea food of all sorts, caught literally an hour before being served. Lots of beach bars like Aloha and Adam and Eve, with quiet and pleasant house music relax the senses, positioned at one of the three bays in the area, can make you feel like you are in the Bahamas for 5 times cheaper holiday. Clean beaches and clean waters provide the best locations for visit, whether you’d like to tan at the beach or dive in the mysteries of the Black Sea.

Another popular resort is St. Vlas, famous for the Dinevi Brothers who are local mafia leaders. They have created St. Vlas as one of the most prominent and well-maintained resorts in the Balkans. The Marina is one of the most visited places in Bulgarian seaside due to the fact that famous bars and clubs like Rococo and Planet are situated there but also due to the fact that most millionaires boats are anchored there. The place is generally stuffed with rich people and a Porsche or Ferrrari brand are an everyday normality there. The beaches are well maintained and clean and the beach bars are very Caribbean style with good servicing and fair prices, as opposed to popular belief.

That’s not all to the Bulgarian seaside but those are some of the most prominent locations that tourists and Bulgarian people visit during the summer. A Bulgarian said to me once: “If I don’t visit Sunny Beach at least once every summer, it’s like I haven’t been to the seaside. It’s a horrible place but it’s fun as hell.”