June 18, 2024


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Bonaire Vacation, Travel Tips for Non-Divers: Horseback Riding in the Azure Caribbean Sea!

Rancho Washikemba is a horse ranch located on the rugged east side of the island. Owners Bregje and Marc are the only ones on the island that have all permits for the tours, classes and other activities with horses they perform.

They organize group lessons or private lessons and even the youngest ones can come to them for an introduction to the horse-riding sports: pony steps.

Marc and Bregje can compose a special package for the holiday on Bonaire, in consultation with our guests. For example, one private lesson, three group lessons and a trek at a discounted rate.

The two hikes organized by Rancho Washikemba are really great!

The Kunuku-tour is a scenic drive along the dirt roads of the hinterland of Bonaire. You’ll pass magnificent viewpoints and on this tour the horses can also be trotting and galloping!

The Lagoen-tour is very special, because during this ride the horses go in walking gait along the rugged east coast to the beautiful Lagoen Bay, where you can swim and play with the horses in the azure sea. Do not forget your swimsuit!

The ranch is located in a fairly remote area, so you really need a car to get there from your apartment or villa.

Bonaire can be traveled to with the European and North American airlines. For your vacation to Bonaire from the Netherlands, you can fly with ArkeFly and KLM. The rest of Europe can fly to Amsterdam first and from there, via these two companies on one of the seven flights per week, to Bonaire.

From North America, Delta and United provide direct flights from Atlanta, Houston and Newark.

There are a lot of houses and apartments on Bonaire that are let out for short or long term. Travelers can also book a condo in one of the (scuba dive) resorts. There’s even a all-inclusive resort (Plaza).

Accommodations can be booked with several agencies on Bonaire as well as through numerous tour operators.

Rental rates vary, depending on the location, near the sea, in town or on the hill, features like a swimming pool and the size of the apartment, townhouse or villa.

In short, I really would advise people that come to Bonaire and who do not want to dive for a day, or the vacationers who came to Bonaire for its natural beauty above sea level, to discover the rugged east side of this beautiful island on a horseback.