September 29, 2023


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Consumer News: Millions of Americans to be met with high gas prices during Memorial Day travel


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CNN– If you’re heading out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, you’re going to have some company and lots of it. Memorial Day weekend is known as the unofficial start of summer, and AAA estimates nearly 40 million people will be traveling this weekend. That’s up more than 8% over 2021. It’s especially good news for the airline industry that estimates air travel will also be up by 25% over last year.

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO– Closer to home, families across South Carolina say they’re packing up the cars and planning to hit the roads this weekend. According to AAA Carolinas, gas in the Palmetto State is up 57 cents in the past month. South Carolina drivers can expect to pay an average of $4.30 at the pumps this weekend.

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Despite experts predicting those nearly 40 million Americans to travel more than 50 miles this weekend, one University of South Carolina professor tells us they’re still willing to pay the price after living under those pandemic restrictions. While the nation’s economy is on track to recover, Professor Schroeder says there will be growing pains along the way.

CNN– One thing not stopping travelers this holiday weekend is this rising gas prices. Americans will be paying about $1.50 more per gallon of gas, the highest they have ever been on Memorial Day weekend. The national average price right now sits at $4.60 per gallon. Last year, we were sitting at $3.04 a gallon. Before that, gas was just $1.87. Here in the Midlands, you can expect to pay an average of $4.30 at the pumps this weekend.

ABC NEWS– You may not be able to catch a break on those gas prices, but you can save a few bucks with the upcoming Memorial Day sales. While it might be perfect weather to have a barbecue this weekend, it’s also the best time to buy a barbecue. ABC’s Becky Worley tells us about the details on deals still out there.




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