July 23, 2024


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Don Cesar Resort – St. Petersburg Beach

If you are seeking a relaxing and peaceful getaway, or a summer vacation in Florida, you need to check out The Don Cesar Resort on St. Pete Beach, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. This resort offers many luxuries and a lot of pleasure for your entire family, at a reasonable price. The water front view is refreshing with the awesome sunsets on the water.

This resort is kid friendly and tends to bring out the kid in all of us, with their large variety of water vehicles and age appropriate activities, including special activities for your family pet. Children’s services include everything from children’s menus, supervised pool time and recreational activities, etiquette classes, camp Cesar, and so much more. The resort’s spa team are highly trained in many treatment types, that help you to relax and make you feel and look great. Their fitness center and yoga classes relieve your stress and lift your spirits. There are many specialty shops were you can locate merchandise for your every occasion or need.

This resort is referred to as the Pink Palace, since they truly treat you like kings and queens during your entire stay. This is the vacation of your dreams because you have amenities, activities for adults as well as children all in one location. If you are the type of person who needs to see it to believe it, you can go online and watch their virtual tour to preview this dream vacation spot. The Don Cesar’s Resort most likely will be the vacation your family will always remember.