June 18, 2024


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Fly Fishing Tackle Reviews: Greys Missionary 6 Fly Rod

If you’re like me, there’s nothing you enjoy more than wading out into a cold, fresh, fast flowing stream and casting out a carefully chosen fly. Win or lose, it’s an exhilarating experience that every angler relishes. Your fly fishing tackle is an important component to consider, especially the rod. Here’s some information about a rod I particularly favour – the Greys Missionary 6.

About the Greys Missionary 6 Fly Rod

For anglers who travel and need a portable rod, the Greys Missionary 6 is a great choice. This rod is light without sacrificing power and responsiveness. Made from high modulus carbon, the Missionary 6 retains all the features of standard rods while remaining extremely functional. High modulus carbon is a high strength material that’s been heat treated at temperatures of 1500 to 2000 degrees Celsius to enhance its tensile strength.

Features of the Greys Missionary 6 Fly Rod

Being a travel rod, I appreciate that it breaks down into convenient lengths as short as sixteen inches. The Missionary 6 has a fast mid-to-tip action and nearly perfect balance, as far as I’m concerned. It also has a low in-hand weight, a feature that’s important for long duration fishing excursions. This reel doesn’t sacrifice anything — it has an anodised up-locking reel seat that lends both security and durability to the design. Finished in a striking pearlised red colour, the rod also has a matching Cordura tube. Fly fishermen will appreciate that the Missionary 6 comes in seven trout models and two salmon models, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfectly compatible with your fishing style. The rod also is available in single- and double-handed models.

More about the Greys Missionary 6 Fly Rod

Expect to pay about £200.00 for this rod, but many special offer prices are available, some as low as £175.00. Over the years, Greys multi-section travel rods have achieved a nearly legendary status. So when the company replaced them with the Missionary 6, many anglers had plenty of doubts. Fortunately, this rod has a much more refined feel than earlier rods in the line and is a clear improvement over previous models. I particularly like that the rod breaks down into 6 sections, so you can easily stow it in even the smallest piece of luggage or knapsack. Plenty of anglers keep one stowed in their cars for those impromptu fishing excursions or opportunities.

Final Thoughts about the Greys Missionary 6 Rod

This rod hits all the high points. From its all-alloy corrosion resistant anodised reel fitting to the convenient 6-section design, this rod assembles quite easily. All that’s needed is to line up the dots printed on each section. All in all, the Missionary 6 rod is well worth owning, not only because of its compact design, but also because of its superb performance and high functionality.

The Greys Missionary 6 rod is, in my opinion, a superior piece of compact and portable fly fishing tackle.