July 23, 2024


Travel ideas

Gear Up For “Travel Season” With a Mini Laptop Computer

Are you looking for the convenience of having your own personal computer at your fingertips during “travel season” this year? The good news is that this option is readily available and at the right price too!

This year it’s not only the humans that have lost weight for beach season, but also the most recent and inexpensive breed of slimmed-down personal computers…the mini laptop.

This new breed of extremely small and lightweight (2 pounds or so) laptop has emerged and conquered the market just in time for summer travel. Called “mobile internet devices” and also known as mini laptops, mini notebooks, mini notes or netbooks, these lightweight laptops are all but naked…undressed of all superfluous features. And starting at around $400 they are distinctly cheaper than other mobile PC’s.

My personal favorite, the Acer Aspire One, stuffs quite a bit into a slim, petite and very appealing package. It is 9.8 x 6.7 x 1.14 inches, yet it holds a decent processor (as well as 2G of memory) and a relatively large 8.9 inch display. It also sports a great keyboard and to top things off it is available in several fashionable colors, the favorite so far being pink!

Another option, just slightly more expensive, is the higher-end HP 2133 Mini-Note PC. It is recommended for students and light business users. The finely spaced keys and clear 8.9 inch screen show that the designer actually envisioned adult usership without any finger cramping or eye strain! AND it comes in a rugged metal casing which helps you avoid feeling like a kid whipping out some plastic toy.

For the chic, bold and tech passionate woman out there, Vivienne Tam, in collaboration with HP created the “designer” PC mini notebook, the Vivienne Tam HP Clutch. With a peony floral print on top of a red background it’s feminine design is a blend of Asian and Western cultures. Vivienne Tam not only designed the mini PC but also it’s accessories and packaging. This product, with it’s 10 inch screen comes with an embroidered red sleeve.

Even though mini laptops are a blessing for light and frequent travelers, and are a less expensive option than a full size laptop, you should use care when selecting the right one for you. Do some research before you purchase.

Make sure you are happy with the operating system, that it has sufficient hard drive space and memory, the keyboard is easy to use and that  the screen is large enough so it won’t scrunch the display.

Extras like USB ports (there are three on the Acer Aspire One for instance), media slots, built in cameras, microphones, wi-fi and speakers are all perks!

So, all in all, you won’t need to forgo access to your computer needs while you are travelling this year.