June 16, 2024


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Paying Markets For Writers – America’s Medical Magazine

There are hundreds of paying markets for writers on the Internet. The challenge of freelance writers and other established writers is finding paying markets that suits their interests. The area of specialization is one factor that cannot be ignored. How much would writers be paid per word or per article? Answers must be provided so that freelance writers could be well informed in order to take satisfactory and profitable decisions. Having access to publishers’ guidelines is a power writers seeking for paying markets must not underestimate.

My self imposed task over the past weeks have been to make quick tips available to freelance writers about paying markets that will reward them handsomely for their effort.

This article is about one paying market in the medical writing category which I was alerted thanks to my ever dependable source of hot information.

America’s Medical Magazine

This is a web-based medical magazine dedicated to bringing the most compelling stories about the human side of any kind of medical condition to its readers. Accepted stories cover surgery, psychiatry, medicine etc from a provider, family, caregiver or individual perspective. You do not have to be an established writer to contribute to this magazine. Articles are non-fiction stories. Information articles are not solicited.

One time rights or reprints for electronic rights are bought as agreed with writers. Having your work accepted has more to do with the needs of the magazine than how good your write up is. The initial step is for you to send an email query with enough enough information about your proposed story. All initial communication is via email. You can send email to [email protected]

Your email should describe the nature of your story, how long it will take to complete and any other detail you feel is important. The magazine pays 5 cent per word. Payment is made on acceptance.