June 18, 2024


Travel ideas

Singapore Airlines Has the Best Inflight Entertainment System

It is very common to see passengers hand carry along their laptop while boarding air plane. It is because they need to access the internet for some reason during their long trip while on the plane.

Is there any airlines that has internet access which allows passenger to use? Through my experience, Singapore Airlines has this facilities that provides personal computer use on every passenger seat to serve the net for free while the plane is taking you up in the air. This has not only facilitate those on business trips, mothers can keep their children occupied too with any online games that can be found in the net.

This inflight entertainment system can be found only with Singapore Airlines, even though you are traveling with economy class. To make flying more enjoyable for its passengers, Singapore Airlines, is adding bigger screens, more in-flight movies and a PC, running Red Hat Inc.’s distribution of the Linux operating system, in every seat on its newest planes.

Singapore Airlines latest investments is to out stand their inflight services with any other airlines. They do need seems to loose out in this areas but actually hoping to boost profits. Beside focusing on the entertainment side, you will noticed a special designed and specially made passengers seats that made me cosy in any sitting positions. For long and comfortable sleeping positions, economy class seats are not well recommended. Comfort and entertainment in an any Airlines will help to attract more passengers even competitions are felt among other airlines too.