June 18, 2024


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Top Things to do in Auckland with Kids

Ever wonder which place you would want to go especially when you’re itching to travel with your family and your kids are bugging you to go somewhere nice? Since the pandemic started, places around the world were put into limits. While some parts of the world are closed, there are increasing numbers of attractions getting open nowadays; Auckland, New Zealand is one of the world’s best destinations for family trips. If you’re planning to travel by air, no worries as Cathay Pacific will take you there safely and at your best comfort.

New Zealand has a glowing wealth of breathtaking scenery, friendly and fun-loving locals, loads of things to see and do, mouthwatering food and wine, and a vibe that is far different from anywhere else in the world. Auckland is a major city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. There, you will find plenty of activities for you and your family where you can definitely make your stay in Auckland, New Zealand worthwhile — and your kids will love you for this!

1.) Jump Trampoline Park

Who doesn’t like to have fun? Go ahead and jump all the stress away in Jump trampoline park in three different places in Auckland: Avondale, North Shore, and Takanini. Take your kids to a playground where they can enjoy the high of jumping. Everyone knows that children have an enormous amount of energy, so they need a place where they can let out that energy in fun and productive ways. Not only will your kids enjoy the fun of the trampolines, it is also beneficial for them as it exercises their bodies and it’s actually good and strengthens their heart.

2.) Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek is more than just a park; your kids will love the 600 and more free-flying exotic butterflies all around the world make their home in the high humidity Butterfly House — the tropical butterfly house also has turtles, quails, finches, water dragons, and tamarin monkeys. The Butterfly Creek also has Dinosaur Kingdom – it is New Zealand’s only Dinosaur Park. Take a peak from the prehistoric attraction with more than 30 life size dinosaurs that feature an amazing display of fossils and skeletons. The Dinosaur Kingdom is most absolutely highlighted for visitors spending a day at Auckland’s Butterfly Creek… you can walk amongst these lifelike creatures, hear them roar, and learn all about their ancient origins. The park also has Giant Crocodiles and Buttermilk Farm to explore! Butterfly Creek is at 10 Tom Pearce Drive, Auckland Airport, South Auckland.

3.) Rixen NZ Cable Wakeboarding Park

It should be in the bucket list of every family trip. Rixen NZ Cable Wakeboarding Park is one of the best destinations in New Zealand if you’re into an extremely fun adventure. Go wild and learn to wakeboard on Auckland’s only Cable Wakepark. It’s never too old for some wakeboarding experience. Rixen NZ Cable Wakeboarding Park is located at Onehunga Bay Lagoon, Beachcroft Avenue, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand.

4.) Snowplanet

Can you handle the cool? Located at 91 Small Road, Silverdale, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, you can make new memories at Snowplanet. You can go from skiing, snow tubing to snowboarding! You don’t need to be a ski expert for you and your family to enjoy Snowplanet — it requires no experience at all to fumble your way into the snow… in a fun way, of course. You can have yourself a nice cool beer, a hot chocolate, and an absolute fantastic food afterwards.

5.) Sky Tower

Located at 86 Federal Street, Auckland CBD, Central Auckland, you can finish your day at the most spectacular view from the Sky Tower — at 328 metres, it is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand. See the beauty of the country with your family!