May 22, 2024


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8 Amenities That You Should Look In A Hotel

Guests stay in hotels for several reasons, some are business travellers looking for a place to rest heads between meetings, some are vacation travellers looking for tourist attractions, some are planners or attendees in town for a meeting or event. The experiences and amenities your hotel offers will create a giant distinction in growing your business. Here are some amenities you should look in a hotel.

  1. Transportation services and information: 

Hotels should provide transportation services to their guests like an airport shuttle, rentable bikes, or transport between your lodgings and downtown, it could make a big difference to travellers. If you’re looking for places to stay near Melbourne airport, then contact Ciloms Airport Lodge.

  1. Welcome gifts: 

It is one among the best hotel amenity concepts on this list, however, it’s additionally one amongst simplest to execute. Figure out why your guests are visiting (business, vacation, in town for a bachelorette party etc.) during the booking process and you know if they are travelling with family, kids, pets or their partner. If your guests are travelling with kids, have kid-friendly treats, toys or books in a room if your guests are couple’s put together a small package of chocolate covered with strawberry and some champagne. When they arrive, surprise them by having it waiting in their room for them. 

  1. Free breakfast: 

Every guest which comes in your hotel wants to save money and enjoy the convenience of either cooking their own breakfast or enjoying breakfast just steps from their room. Hotels can challenge themselves on the breakfast front by providing some type of free breakfast choice, whether it is a Continental buffet or sit down a hot meal.

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  1. Option for the pillow:

You can make your hotel feel more like a home by offering down, foam and hypoallergenic pillow available as many guests have allergies or strong preference for certain types of pillows.

  1. Free Internet WiFi access: 

Just like shampoo-free, wifi is quickly becoming an amenity guest expect it and they don’t want to pay for it. No free wi-fi may be a deal-breaker for some guests. Let guests watch their favourite program through platforms like Netflix via your hotel room TVs. 

  1. Free Parking: 

It is another way to compete with short term rentals. Short term rental includes a parking space so if your hotel’s parking comes at a fee, that’s another reason for guests to opt for another hotel. The more guests will expect valet parking, the more upscale your hotel. 

  1. Gym and fitness centre: 

Nowadays guests do not want to sacrifice their workout routine on the road, so even if your hotel does not have its own fitness centre, guests can appreciate discounted rates or perhaps better, free categories or gymnasium time at a nearby fitness facility. 

  1. In-room bar carts and cocktail station: 

whether it’s a modest mini bar, a well-equipped bar cart with all the ingredients or an in-room signature cocktail station, mix up the offerings of your in-room drinkable choices to allow guests an alternate choice to go out.