April 17, 2024


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3 Days in Manchester

Whereas I’m not sure how many cities you have visited before, I can bet that you will rate Manchester as the best once you finally land here. The town is famous for several things: Talk of its amusing sports, historical buildings, fascinating views, skyscrapers, Art, etc. If you happen to be a soccer fan, you should strive to visit Manchester as soon as you can – the city is home to great football clubs such as Manchester City and Manchester United. Frankly speaking, it would be impossible to explore all that Manchester has to offer within a few days – you would need more than a year to capture every unique detail of the city. Assuming you have exactly three days in Manchester, how would you make sure you get the most out of your travel (bearing in mind that Manchester is such a massive city with a wide range of unique features)? Read this post to the end as we guide you on how to capture the best part of Manchester City in 3 days 

3 days in Manchester.

1st Day

Assuming you landed in Manchester at night (just like most international lights do), take some rest and wake up the following day ready for your excursion.

1st Day in the Morning

Wake up to a Discover Manchester tour. The tour begins at the Central Library located in St. Peter’s square. Take part in the time and learn more regarding the city’s past, present, and anticipated future. Don’t miss a chance to explore the Royal exchange theatre. Here you will witness some excellent performance that will kick start your day with energy. You can buy tickets to the theatre at the nearby shops such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, etc. 


Manchester is known as a home of delicacies. It does not matter whether you want to try out some street foods or go to reputable restaurants. If you are a football fanatic, your favorite dining sport would be Café Football, located at the National. 


You can also go to Arnadale’s Halle Dining Place and enjoy whatever sort of meal you want. 


In the evening, you can go to the National Football Museum and play some sport. For instance, you can try some penalty shootout. If you are not a fan of sports, you can go to the Chetham’s Library located in the Museum. It’s the oldest library not only in the city but in the country at large. 


Explore the city at night and experience its nightlife. Locals and night traders stroll the street between independent clubs, and bars creating a lively mood. Look for any pleasing joint and enjoy a drink of your choice. Don’t stay out for long – you should rest early to get ready for your next day’s excursion. 

2nd Day In Manchester


Stroll from the city center and head to Ashton-Under-Lyne – you will come across Etihad stadium. Go to the stadium and witness Manchester, the stadium you’ve been watching on the TV. If you are lucky enough, you will catch Manchester City playing their game with other big-name clubs such as Tottenham manchester United etc.

From here, take a 20-minute walk towards Oxford Roads. You will come across The Whitworth, one of the most toured Art Galleries. Spare some time and find out what it has to offer.

From the gallery, take a 5- minute walk to The Pankhurst Centre. Here you will learn some amazing history of the city. Come with a book and a pen as you will need to record some history. 


With an array of hotels and restaurants, you will never learn out of options. You can head to Chinatown and try out some Japanese, Chinese, Thai cuisine, Korean, etc. There are also independent street cafes and food kiosks – spot the best and try some local delicacies.


Try to rediscover the unique part of Manchester United by staying in the Northern Quarter. Wonder down Oak Street and come across Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Here you will discover some hand-crafted goods. Look for what pleases your eyes. 


You can rewind the day at any club or restaurant in the city. There are several restaurants such as Spinningfields where you can find favorite celebrities doing what they are best in. 

3rd Day In Manchester


Kick start your day by hopping on the city’s hop-on/hop-off bus tours. The sightseeing tour Manchester teaches you a lot of history regarding the town. More of this will be narrated by Dominic Monaghan – a famous TV actor. The time passes through Quays, Waterfront destination, etc.


You can consider taking your lunch at The Quay For Lunch. There are several restaurants such as MediaCity UK, Lowry Outlet Mall, etc. You will enjoy tasting some traditional British food.

Soccer fun can take a bus for a sightseeing trip to Old Trafford and dine at the Red’s Café. 


From Old Trafford, continue with your sightseeing tour to the Science and Industry Museum. The museum is housed in the ancient passenger railway station. The railway has a lot of history that you need to learn.


It’s your last day in Manchester City. Why not consider touring the city’s center and experiencing its nightlife? There are very many restaurants, pubs, and bars where you can head to and share some unforgettable moments. Go to the Deansgate Locks and find some of the best night clubs in the city. 

Enjoy your favorite drinks, and chat with friends, or listen to some cool music. There is a live DJ who plays your favorite tunes till late in the morning. 

The Bottom Line

As you have noted, there are very many things to do in Manchester. To be honest, three days can never be enough to exhaust the city. However, they are good if you are looking to cut your curiosity. If you’ve read this post keenly, you now know everything to do, see & eat while on your Flights to Manchester. What are you waiting for? It is now the right time to visit Manchester and witness all the city has to offer.