June 16, 2024


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5 Inexpensive Places to Stay in Boracay

Aside from travel arrangements, another usual concern when going to Boracay is where to stay during the entire vacation. You might want to stay for a few days in the island without the hassle of paying for too expensive accommodations. Because there are many foreign tourists in Boracay, big-time investors have strategically put up resort hotels with rates that are without doubt affordable to international guests. For locals like you however, finding cheap accommodations might become the most pressing dilemma of your trip.

Some Useful Tips

 One of the best ways to get cheap accommodations in Boracay is to take advantage of off-peak rates. Try to avoid booking in resorts during the summer season or the holidays because these are times when prices usually soar.

The smartest way to go about it is to plan ahead of time and set aside a specific date for your Boracay vacation. When you make reservations, inquire about your preferred resort’s off-peak rates. Better yet, visit their website to get their price list. It would also be a good idea to compare the rates with other resorts’ to see which one would suit you best at a price you can afford.

It also helps if you have an Aklan or Boracay local traveling with you. Some resorts will surprisingly give discounts upon mention that you or your companion lives in the area. They usually do not advertise this but some resorts have local rates that they offer to residents of Boracay or Aklan. Sometimes, perks are offered in the form of complimentary products such as food and drinks, among others.

Some Budget Hotels You Can Try

One of the budget hotels you can try in Boracay is Casa Camilla Boracay. Situated right at boat station 3, Casa Camilla Boracay provides you comfortable access to the Boracay’s famous white sand beach.

Another popular choice is M.R. Holidays Hotel. Boasting of 13 rooms in all and 2-storey accommodation, M.R. Holidays is likewise a stones throw away from the beach.

If you don’t mind having to walk before you get to the beach so that you could save on accommodations, you might want to check out Fat Jimmy resort. The resort is near boat station 2. While farther from the beach than the first two hotels mentioned, Fat Jimmy has all the basic amenities you will need during your stay.

Another low-budget option is JMBS Cottages. Like Fat Jimmy, you would have to sacrifice getting a view of the white sand beach. JMBS Cottages has rooms that are either air-conditioned or provided with electric fans, giving you an option to save even more.

Another recommended inland resort is Freckles Resort and Bamboo Lounge. It is only a few minutes’ walk from Bulabog beach.

Make the most out of your stay in Boracay by saving on accommodation cost. Use the Internet to search for more affordable and budget-friendly hotels in Boracay. Just make sure that where you eventually decide to stay has all the facilities that you might need.