June 18, 2024


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The Most Interesting New York Travel Attractions

Best New York Tourist Attractions, Ranked: Pro Tips for Your NYC Visit -  Thrillist

If you’re planning a trip to New York, there is no shortage of activities and sights to see and do. Some are free, while others require spending money.

One of the best ways to experience some of the city’s top attractions is by taking a tour. These excursions are ideal for anyone wanting to see all the important sites without breaking your budget. With so many flights to New York with Cathay Pacific, there is no reason why you should not visit them all. 

The Statue of Liberty

For 132 years, Lady Liberty has welcomed New Yorkers and immigrants alike with her beacon of light, broken shackle, tablet in hand symbolizing American Independence; further, her raised right foot stands as a testament to the abolition of slavery.

The Statue of Liberty is an iconic landmark in New York, a gift from France to America. Sculpted by Frederic August Bartholdi and designed by Gustave Eiffel, it stands atop Bedloe’s Island in Upper New York Bay.

Bartholdi originally intended for the Statue of Liberty to serve as a beacon for immigrants, and she has lived up to this vision ever since her unveiling in 1886. She stands as an inspiring symbol of hope and opportunity in America, making visiting her an unforgettable experience.

As with all public art, the statue is protected under a national park system. Regular maintenance and security upgrades help maintain its integrity while providing visitors with safety.

Constructed as an engineering marvel, the Statue of Liberty was composed of thin pounded copper sheets covering a steel framework. This structure took nine years to complete and was disassembled in France before being shipped back to America.

Once in the US, it was reassembled and mounted atop its pedestal before being officially dedicated on October 28, 1886. As an iconic New York attraction, visiting the Statue of Liberty should not be missed during any vacation to NYC – however there are a few things you should know before you visit.

Times Square

Times Square is the heart of New York City and one of its most beloved tourist spots. It’s home to Broadway shows and TV studios alike, as well as being the location where visitors can witness the iconic New Year’s Eve ball drop.

Visit for a quick shopping spree or to take in some of New York City’s iconic landmarks and attractions like the Empire State Building. It also has plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops and nightclubs to enjoy.

For over a century, Times Square has been the embodiment of New York’s changing cultural landscape. Initially known as Long Acre Square after London’s carriage district, it was originally filled with horse carriages; however, electricity and the construction of subway stations drastically transformed how the city looked.

Once a bustling and showy neighborhood, Times Square had become a darkened den of crime until tough-talking mayor Rudolph Giuliani turned it back into a tourist magnet again. He brought in more police, increased their numbers and attracted an influx of upscale retail stores and theaters to the area.

On New Year’s Eve, a six-ton crystal ball rises above Times Square and rains confetti down on the crowd below. People from around the world write their wishes on pieces of confetti which are then thrown down to usher in the New Year. It’s an unforgettable experience for any traveler – one you should try and catch if possible!

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, one of the world’s most iconic structures, is a must-see for any New York traveler. Offering breathtaking views and an abundance of exhibits to discover, it’s no wonder why this landmark attraction continues to draw so many visitors each year.

This iconic building has featured in many popular tourism photographs, postcards and movies, including the 1933 King Kong film. For those interested in architecture and New York City’s history, it must be seen.

Al Smith’s original plan only remains as its spire, standing as a reminder of what could have been. The architect had originally intended to construct a mooring mast for dirigibles to dock inside the tower.

However, the Great Depression and stock market crash of 1929 made this idea more challenging to implement than anticipated. Still, Smith and his partner John J. Raskob made the most of their chance and built their structure quickly – in just one year and 45 days!

Visitors to the Empire State Building are often drawn to its outdoor observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors, but there’s much more to explore at this iconic structure than just these two attractions. Recently, it has undergone significant renovations that make your visit even more enjoyable with new exhibits throughout.

The exhibits at the Empire State Building are designed to take visitors on an immersive journey through its history and influence on popular culture. Through interactive technology, guests can step right into a scene from King Kong movie or experience some of its other famous moments on screen.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks and a must-see for both tourists and locals alike. Stretching across the East River, it connects Manhattan and Brooklyn before opening in 1883 – revolutionizing travel between these two boroughs and making Brooklyn’s waterfront into one of its top tourist destinations.

Aside from its impressive presence, the Brooklyn Bridge is also renowned for its breathtaking views of Lower Manhattan and Lady Liberty. With six lanes dedicated to automobile traffic and a pedestrian walkway, thousands of vehicles, bikes and walkers traverse this iconic structure day and night.

Building the Brooklyn Bridge took 13 years, but not without its difficulties. To start, pneumatic caissons – large bottomless wooden boxes sunk into the East River and filled with compressed air – were used as foundations.

Workers inside caissons used shovels, picks and later blasting to dig for bedrock. Unfortunately, many suffered from what has since been labeled “caisson disease,” a serious medical condition which affected many construction workers and ultimately led to their deaths.

Despite these hardships, the Brooklyn Bridge remains one of New York City’s greatest engineering feats. In 1983 it marked its centennial anniversary, and ASCE’s Metropolitan Section was proud to join in celebrating this momentous occasion.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is one of New York City’s most beloved thoroughfares and home to some of its most beloved attractions, such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With such a vibrant streetscape in front of it, Fifth Avenue truly becomes an unmissable tourist destination.

On this major shopping street you will find numerous luxury brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci – among many others.

Fifth Avenue offers the “Museum Mile,” which runs between 82nd and 105th streets for one mile and features world-class museums like The Met, Guggenheim Museum, Frick Collection and Jewish Museum.

Fifth Avenue is not only home to retail shops, but it’s also a popular tourist destination for taking photos of the stunning buildings and skyscrapers around it – particularly Trump Tower, which hosts an evening band every Wednesday.

Discover Fifth Avenue and its hidden history through a guided tour led by an experienced local guide. This makes for the ideal budget NYC summer vacation, saving time and money while giving you access to some of the city’s most renowned sights. Those seeking an even more thrilling adventure can opt for an optional add-on of climbing to Top of the Rock observation deck for added excitement.