June 18, 2024


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5 Best Outdoor Adventures to Undertake in San Diego

6 Not-To-Be-Missed San Diego Outdoor Adventures | TravelPulse

San Diego’s landscape and its weather is a match made in heaven. Long stretches of off-white sands mating with azure blue waters; the humidity in air shielding your body against the stroke of the blazing hot sun yet not soaking up one’s body water meanly. 

San Diego is spoilt for choices of outdoor activities. Its vast outdoors provide ample opportunities for visitors and locals alike to make the most of its pampering weather while practicing social distancing. One can gaze at the enchanting natural beauty, get cocooned in immense recreational offerings without exposing themselves to the virus. 

From thrilling water sports on idyllic coastlines to more chilled-out activities in serendipitous inland settings, here are outdoors options that you can undertake while maintaining social distance:-


Sunbathe and inhale fresh oxygen while taking on various parks and reserves dotting the region. Pro hikers and strollers can relish the enticing trails of Mission Trails Park, which is just a short stroll away from downtown. 

Cabrillo National Monument, perched on Point Loma is home to some of the rarest species of birds. One can enjoy its scenic offerings amid the chaotic chirrups of winged creatures. Tucked just below the monument are some of the best tide pools along the coast longing to be explored. 


San Diego’s biking scene is one of the most underrated in the U.S. The 25 mile long Bayshore Bikeway marred by San Diego Bay is a pilgrimage for biking enthusiasts. Seasoned bikers can also pedal along Highway 101, which maneuvers up the San Diego coastline and passes through some of the most charming beach towns along the Pacific like Del Mar and Leucadia.  


Escaping the crowds just got real… Scuba Dive deep into the waters and take the road not taken (quite literally). Divers swarm the La Jolla Cove, a popular scuba site nestled in the La Jolla Ecological Preserve, where wonders of marine life abound. The underwater expeditioners are guaranteed to encounter a smorgasbord of colorful fishes and crustaceans. 

If it doesn’t give enough kick to the divers, it is not too far away, yet another site that boasts of La Jolla Submarine Canyon. It is one of the deepest and most demanding places in the world. Wreck Alley is just offshore, and one can find too many sunken shipwrecks below. 


Whether you want to rejuvenate your mindbody, and soul or want to get your booty in shape, the vast and diverse outdoors of San Diego provide immense opportunities to practice yoga in scenic settings. Portraying the essence of San Diego’s lifestyle, paying homage to the great outdoors, and striving to balance work and play, Yoga practitioners can be traced preaching flexibility all along Balboa Park, Mission Beach, and La Jolla shores.  


There isn’t a place in San Diego where you can’t kayak. You can Kayak your way through San Diego Bay and Mission Bay. You can explore various inland freshwater lakes via kayak and even fancy your chances of fishing. One could glide past the La Jolla caves and encounter sea lions. The Mission Bay Aquatic Park is dotted over with small islands, and one could have an island all to himself/herself and find an idyllic escape from the chaotic crowds.  

One can find the best kayaks at sdadventures.com. Its humble and compassionate staff will find the right fit for you besides teaching a lesson or two in kayaking. You could book the kayaks pre-emptively and save yourself the embarrassment of getting turned down in high season when all the kayaks are booked.